Respiratory test statement

PEAS Institute Statements on company pneumonia testing product 


PEAS Institute ,February 1, 2020- PEAS Institute today issued the following statement.


PEAS愿景是通过提供快速的感染测试来“抗击抗生素耐药性”。 dExact-REAP是一类快速检测试纸,使用痰液来检测有无下呼吸道感染。

PEAS’s vision is to “fight antibiotic resistance” by providing rapid infection testing. dExact-RESPIRATORY is a type of rapid test strip that uses sputum to detect the presence of lower respiratory infections.


The recent outbreak of the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China has threatened the virus worldwide. PEAS is working closely with one Chinese team and is connecting with local medical institutions in China to focus on contributing our expertise and resources in infection diagnosis to help fight 2019-nCoV and other patients and communities suffering from infection problems.

dExact-RESPIRATORY 已经获得了CE认证,目前尚未获得NMPA的批准。应中国研究机构的要求,并在当地法规的监管下,PEAS致力于推动在该产品在中国范围内的科学研究和测试(非临床诊断使用),同时尽快开始NMPA的注册工作。在获得注册许可前,我们尚不能提供给个人使用(非CE认证许可范围),dExact-RESP仅可供中国范围内科研使用。

dExact-RESP has obtained CE certification and has not yet been approved by NMPA. At the request of Chinese research institutions and under the supervision of local regulations, PEAS is committed to promoting it for scientific research and testing (non-clinical diagnostic use) in China. At the same time start the registration of NMPA as soon as possible. Before we obtain the registration permission, we cannot provide it for personal use (Outside of CE-approved). dExact-RESPIRATORY is only available for research and development in China.



Although there is no evidence that dExact-RESP can detect pneumonia cause by 2019-nCoV, the results of other viral pneumonia and bacterial pneumonia give us hope. 

PEAS will quickly and efficiently provide support to global health agencies to help respond to this global viral crisis.
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